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The Bigo is all about entertainment and social networking. Bigo Live is a live streaming application and BIGO stands for Before I Get Old.

Bigo live is a fastest growing mobile live streaming and social connecting application, which is available in more than 200 countries across world. Users can easily download it from any application store and showcase their talent and art to real time audience. Live Streamers can start their broadcast any time they want and perform talent to entertain live audience and gain a fan base audience very rapidly. Bigo also allow its broadcasters to make money and provide opportunity to receive monthly salary by becoming an official host. They have huge number of users who are always there to see your talent or you can choose to watch different broadcasters for extra entertainment and make more connections.

Bigo Live also allow hosts to start a multi live which has different number options including 4 people, 6 people and 9 people. Where a host can connect to multiple people on live cam at the same time. Host has access to let someone connect or remove from their broadcast. Host and the designator admin can accept the requests of audience to join stream. Admins of a broadcast has all the powers to handle comment and audience of a live stream. Hosts are allowed to take commission of gifts received by other broadcasters while sitting on their broadcast. Hosts can set this commission from 10-50% and they can’t change it once a streaming is started.

Audio lives are the broadcasts where hosts are only allowed to voice chat with viewers and callers. No once can turn on their camera as there is no such option. It work exactly like multi live but in audio form only. In audio live too hosts can charge 10-50% as commission from other broadcasters on the gifts received by them while sitting on that stream. It also has a feature to connect random people automatically selected by the application algorithms.

As gaming streams are very trending stuff in 2021, Bigo Also let their hosts to convert their game play as live streaming. It can be done by Mobile or computers both.

PK is a short challenge game on bigo live, where PK stands for player kill. Bigo allow hosts to set a PK challenge of 5 minutes or 5 minutes. It is basically a one on one face off battle where any of 2 broadcasters of bigo may connect to each other and merge their stream. Only rule of the game is that the hosts has to receive more gifts that their competitor within the PK time and winner can punish the loser by giving any possible task.

A user of bigo should have minimum 6700 beans in their bigo wallet to cash out, once a user has collected 6700 beans or more in their account they can transfer this amount into their bank account. Value of bigo beans is 210 beans = 1 USD.  Also users can take out maximum 1050000 beans at once a week. There are certain percent commission on different process of cash-out. Bigo Has multiple options such as Bank transfer, Paypal, payoneer, UPI and other.
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Bigo Hosts are contracted streamers who work directly with bigo certain terms and conditions. Bigo official hosts earn more money than a ordinary hosts on achieving same amount of gifts. To become an official host every broadcaster has to face an official interview on live stream. These auditions are basically handled by agencies who are authorized by BIGO to recruit hosts for their application. Bigo Live Pay their hosts according to the target they complete in a month.
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Bigo Live does’t allow many contents and things to appear on a stream, It may lead to ban your bigo account temporary or permanently.

Prohibited Content: Tobacco consumption, smoking, Gamble, Alcohol/drugs, vulgarity and violation.

Prohibited stuff: Guns, Knifes, weapon & nudity.

Age Requirement:  Minimum 18 years old.

There are multiple levels of ID ban on bigo live, which is based on the reason of getting banned. Bigo moderators ban your account for against policy content. Bigo account ban can last from 10 minutes to lifetime. A user can only appeal to unban their account, Bigo team will review your account and take decision according to their policy.

To unban appeal user contact team from help & Feedback section and submit your request to unban account. This process takes maximum 3 working days.

Families on bigo are basically a group of users, Every family member get a customized badge of their family on their bigo profile. Admin of the family is allowed to join and remove members in the family. Every family group on bigo has different requirements to join their family. Any member of the family may leave family anytime and their family badge will get removed instantly. Family members are supposed to support each in competitions like PK and Live house.

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