How To Make Money On Uplive?

Uplive is a live streaming application just like Bigo live & Live Me. If you are on this blog than might already know about Up Live application. If you have not heard about this yet, then you can checkout our more blogs.
We’ll give full information about UpLive salary chart and targets.

There are many applications available on application store which provide opportunity to earn money by doing live broadcasting. Unlike other applications Uplive not only provide earning opportunity through making monthly targets but you can earn money by completing streaming hours.

Uplive has recently launched this new feature which allow users to gain monthly salary by just making hours complete.
Other way to make money through UpLive is to become an official host under any agency and make the targets given by the company. You need to collect some certain amount of diamonds in a month period. Simply, the more diamonds you receive from your users the more you can earn. Uplive calculates your diamonds and send send your salary in bank account accordingly.

The first condition in both situation is to become an official host and to process your application for official hosting you need an authorized agency who will help you to become a contracted streamer with UpLive.

In the time based income you will also get some extra income if you earn diamonds to through streaming. Hosts can cash out their received gifts when they reach a certain amount of diamond collection.

Time Based Target Salary Chart

Please refer to the attached salary sheet below for time based salary. As you can see its an extra bonus free target salary offered by UpLive application. The minimum target to make is 15 hours stream within 8 days, where you will receive 10 USD. Second plan is to complete 30 hours stream in 12 days, where you will get 20 USD and maximum you can make 30 USD by completing 60 hours stream within 20 days
They have also mentioned the dates of joining, which decides how many hours you have to make to receive your salary. for eg. if you have joined Uplive between 11-18 date of a month than you have to complete your 30 hours and 12 days target of stream.

Also when a newly joined host reach to any diamonds target in their first month they will receive salary according to the diamond target sheet and additional hours target salary.

UpLive Salary Chart

UpLive Basic Hosts Target & Salary Chart

Okay now under this section you can check normal official hosts salary chart, which apply on every official host. This is a monthly target based salary sheet of Uplive hosts.
In this target, you have to achieve time targets too which is 20 days & 60 hours for new hosts and 20 days 40 hours for old hosts. In some targets you get extra bonus on performing 50 hrs streaming in a month period.

The primary focus in this target sheet is uCoins, these are the gift value that you receive from your viewers while doing your stream. As mentioned if you achieve 5000 uCoins in month then you will receive 45 USD also 20% gifts share (which is somewhere around 30%) of coins you receive above 5000.
Do not forget you have to match your time target too, if you don’t do so you won’t get your salary and your uCoins target will not considered. Similarly according to the sheet the more uCoins you achieve the more you will earn.

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