Top 25 freelance Writing jobs for content writers in 2020

Working from home is always a great option to earn money where content writing is one of the most convenient method to invest your time to generate partial income from your comfortable place. If you are good at writing on any topic then start getting paid for your words, we have multiple writing job for beginners and professional writers. You can search out of thousands of daily posts on different topics and industries, choose any category you can write on and submit a copy of your writing to get paid immediately.

  1. Article Writing Job
  2. Book Writing job
  3. Business Plan building job
  4. Writing Business Proposal job
  5. Content developing job
  6. Content editing job
  7. Copy writing job
  8. Copy editing job
  9. Corporate writing job
  10. Creative writing job
  11. Documentation writing job
  12. Script writing job
  13. Essay writing job
  14. Financial writing job
  15. Journalism post writing
  16. Legal writing job
  17. Magazine writing job
  18. Medical writing job
  19. Press release job
  20. Resume making job
  21. Reviews writing job
  22. SEO content writing job
  23. Translation job
  24. travel blog writing
  25. Website content creation.
top writing jobs of 2020

How to Search a remote writing job?

In new freelance working trend, people are more likely to work from home. All small and large organization are forcing their content work to freelancers to saves their time and let their employees to focus on their core job responsibilities. Companies also save their fixed cost by not hiring a permanent employee to fulfill their content requirement.

Today writing jobs are most outsourced work by companies across globe and they offer a good amount based on word count. If you are already a writer or making a habit then drive your writing skills towards making money and  you can do your work from anywhere in the world. But, in 2020  you may face a lot of problems to find your initial writing remote job, finding client is becoming tough with time as companies have thousands of options to choose from. Don’t worry writing-job made it easy though their platform with commitment to surely provide you remote writing jobs.

Never loose hope in freelance working everyone has to struggle with negotiation , time issues in start but with some experience you can manage everything perfectly although after having a good working track clients will find you to work with you.

How much can you earn with online writing jobs?

There are thousands of job portals and freelancer’s website, but it is quite struggling to get single project on there, we are not committing that we make it really easy to get a project but yes it is not as tough as other platforms and our pay scale is also much more higher than other websites.

  1. Up to USD 30-120 hourly income.
  2. Receive USD 50 on writing an article.
  3. Write an short E-book and earn up tp USD 500-1000

All types of writing work is available with different word counts and topics, you don’t need to be expert to start working with us, this a great option for freelancers to get more work to show up there creativity and make more than USD 1000 cheque every month.

Demand of freelance jobs for content writers.

As every company has online presence today through social media or website and they are well aware about requirement of content to remain top listed in digital world. Every digital savvy company has fixed amount to invest in content development and its increasing rapidly every year. A good website needs home page, landing page, product and service pages, blogs and many more to rank on search engine and companies need copywriters to provide valuable words for engaging audience on site & to improve search engine optimization which help them in growing sales and customer base.

Why writing job is best to work from home?

Writing is so common today, every person has experience and knowledge of some field, therefore it is most convenient way to earn money by writing down your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with some good writing skill from home or any comfortable place you choose. You get more time to enjoy your social life although you can pursue your passion by making it a part time work. Usually people have misconception that part time work is not enough to handle their expenses but, there with out tolls you can earn a handsome salary every week/month. Only thing you need is a laptop & a good internet connection to start making money from the moment.

Benefits of Online Writing Jobs.

Working from home as a freelancer has many benefits. No doubt you can make your own work schedule or you can make it flexible with your choice, there is no boss sitting on your head and no one will remind you about deadlines. You can switch from full time to part time any day and take a day rest anytime to enjoy your life with friends and family.

Writing talent is highly in demand in 2020, you can make more than a mediocre salary by writing about what you are interested in. Earning $500-$2000 is no where a big deal in content writing.
You don’t need to be super rich to enjoy your life, with writing work you can afford to eat in an expensive restaurant & bars. Opportunities in writing field is tremendously increasing and it is going no where for next 5-10 years.

Writing-jobs guarantee you to return on investment.

It is obvious we all have question and doubts before investing our money, time and efforts or may be you have tried many other platforms but never received any result of your efforts. Here with writing-jobs we ensure you that you will earn a good amount of money that you expect in return of your talent & skills, if you feel that our services are not working out for you you can write us within 60 days we will refund your money without any enquiry.