Profile Customization & Live Streaming Tips for UpLive

How To Setup Your Stream to Go Live on Uplive

If you are new to Uplive app as a streamer. You should know the tips and tricks on how to make your first broadcast a successful one.

Tap the purple button on the bottom center of the screen.
You should be able to see yourself but we’re not live yet.
First choose a title for your broadcast, that’s going to attract viewers
At the bottom left is a magic wand, this is for the beauty 5 filters. You don’t have to use this if you don’t want to but feel free to adjust your settings. If you feel more creative you can also use a filter.
Don’t forget to choose a stream label this is above your title.
You can change this at any time but, be sure that it’s relevant to your broadcast.
Tap start live once the countdown ends you are officially live on uplive.
Be sure to plug in your phone so you don’t lose battery.

Other On Screen Stream Features

Let’s take a look at what some of these on-screen elements. Name at the top left you’ll see your nickname, your profile picture and a number-the number is the amount of viewers you have. This will update quickly throughout your broadcast.
Under this number is your you coin count, as you receive gifts it will increase.
On the other side of the screen is an indicator of how fast your internet connection is. You need it in the green as much as possible.
At the bottom of the screen is some text, these will be notifications as well as comments from your viewers. Be sure to respond as you broadcast.

Tap the icon on the lower left for another menu parent you can change all kinds of settings in your broadcasts. You can view your room admins change your beauty settings and more take some time to explore this menu on your own.

How to customize / edit your Uplive profile?

It is very simple to customize your profile, changing your nickname, changing your profile picture and adding bio.

Open Uplive and tap the personal tab on the bottom right
Tap your username this will take you to your profile
tap the edit icon on the top right
The first thing you can change is our nickname, you can change your nickname at any time so don’t worry it can be your real name or whatever people call you.
Yap save.

Next we can change our birthday. You can only change this once so be sure it’s your real birthday.
Tap confirm.

Next we can change our status. Our status can be a biography, your social media handles or just saying hello. This can be changed at any time
When you’re done tap save.

Next we can change our Uplive id. Your up id can only be changed once as it’s a unique username so choose wisely.
If you’re sure you want to change your up id tap save and then tap change.

Finally we can change our profile picture.
Tap your existing picture
Choose a new picture that represents you, it must be clear and bright then tap complete.

Now, you have fully customized profile on Uplive.

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