How To Join Family On Bigo Live, All Information About Family Badge Process.

This blog is a tutorial to teach Bigo live official hosts, how to get bigo family badges or how to join a bigo family group. If you want to become a family member so you can follow the steps & instructions mentioned in the blog.

Follow the steps to get family badges.
Log off the applications to get out of everything running on your bigo application.
Go back to the bigo application, click on the bigo icon and open it.
you will see multiple tabs on the top of your application screen like- nearby, popular, PK and some other.
Now click on popular option if you are on the popular tab page. Scroll down the screen and you will see some moving banners automatically sliding right to left of your screen.
Those are the different activities running on the bigo application in current time, you can check out anything if you want to be a part of any live event or want to take participation. There is alot of good stuff, you may find it interesting.
You need to scroll the banner and search for the “MONTHLY HONOR FAMILY PRESTIGE” banner.
Click on that specific banner and you will get redirected to family information page. That page will tell you everything about top families in your region.
There will be some rules and terms mentioned on the top, you can read them to have a better understanding of bigo family policies.
There are 4 levels of family Mace, lucky star, Family Shields and Super dragon.
you need to scroll all the way down to your bigo app screen.
You will see a long list of family groups sorted in top to lower level families.
you can check out family level which basically tell how good the family is doing on bigo live app. You can see “+” & “-“ sign after the family points which basically indicates the ranking progress of that perticular family.
Choose any family which you wish to join and tap on the icon of that family.
A new screen will pop-up which is personalized for that particular family.
You can see how many members are there in family, level of that family, Region.
There must 2 touch buttons in mid screen “CONTACT THE FAMILY LEADER” & “APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP”.
You can choose any of the option. Contact directly to the leader and ask them to join you in their family if you are fit for their group, they will surely add you in their family.
Or you can Apply for the membership online. Once you click on “APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP” button the family lwader will get notified and soon they will add you in their Family.
Whenever you complete the process just close your application and then you can start using it again normally.
Once leader add you in their family you will get the badge of that specific family on your profile.

Its that simple, Applying og bigo live family is very very simple. Check this out and please drop a comment if this process helped you. Hopefully you guys can do it.

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