How to Register for Official Live Host

How to Register for Official Live Host

As we have covered many topics on live streaming culture how beautiful girls and good looking boys are engaging and ruling on live applications. Bigo, Meme, Azar & Livit are some of the apps in segment and they all are quite famous among youngsters.

These applications made it really easy to watch live streamers and go live to show our talent. Before them we only used to watch streamers on TV / Computers.

Bigo Live is widely used by users in Asia and In USA Livit is growing very rapidly and giving tough competition to Bigo, but for us both are entertainment platforms. Super good looking people are streaming on these platforms. They host you for few hours in a day and thousands of people are live at a time.

People are going crazy for streamers and making them famous easily, it provide additional features to their official hosts and help them to gain followers fasters.  Basically anyone can download and start using application and host audience to entertain love but to become an official host you need to go through a procedure for bigo live or any other application.

There are many benefits of becoming official host; Obviously bigo pays to their registered hosts, there is no such fixed amount but yes it all depend on your live shows and targets you achieve. many live applications provide referral and affiliate program for their hosts to make extra money.

Process to become bigo live host
Process to become official live streamer with bigo.

Are you curious to become a live streamer, here is the process of hosts selection in bigo live.

  • Firstly, you can visit contact page, and fill up your query through contact page or email.
  • Remember we not bigo officials we are agency and only help people to become official streamers.
  • Sign-up on Bigo application.
    Wait for someone to contact you, most probably on whatsapp / mail.
  • You need to schedule your live interview.
    Go live on interview time and wait for bigo profession to arrive on your broadcast.
  • Take Interviewer on guest live and answer the questions put up by interviewer.
  • Show your talent for a minute.
  • If they selects you then you need to submit your documents to agency
    Finally you can start your official streaming.
  • This is the process and it is different for every application and country. I hope it will help you to become host and take advantage from these applications.

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