How To Download and Use Uplive streaming App.

How to download Uplive App?

To download the UpLive app and create a new account. You can use iPhone or Android. 

Open up Google Play/Play store
Type in Uplive in the search bar
The first result should say up live live video streaming app
Click install and wait for it to download
Once it’s done click open and the screen
Choose a login method says you’re a new user
Pick whichever method you like, this will be how you log into your account each time
You can choose to stay logged in
Choose a cute and unique username
Select your gender
lick on the circle above to change your profile picture
Don’t forget to give permissions to the app you can either select from album or take a photo.
Be sure your photo is bright clear and shows off who you are.
Hit confirm
You’re ready to start using uplive.

How To Recharge diamonds in UpLive?

Go to your personal page
Tap your diamonds
You can directly purchase new diamonds
Tap the amount you want to buy
Then use google pay

How to Cash out diamonds in Uplive?

Go to your personal page
Tap my live
Every time you tream you can get gifts from viewers, you’ll be able to see your stream records, the amount of coins you receive and more you can also exchange the you coins you receive for you diamonds.
Tap to cash out
Go to the cash out tab
Here you can exchange your coins for real money
First you need to bind your phone number for extra security before you bind your PayPal
Once you start live streaming your cash out page will coins
When you reach a certain level you’ll be able to cash out based on the amount of your coins you’ve received
This will send funds to your PayPal.

How to access your backpack in Uplive?

This is where all your checking awards are stored. it’s very useful, go to access and see what’s currently in your backpack.

Go to your personal page
Scroll down to my garage
You’ll come to a screen that says my props
Scroll over on the top bar to where it says backpack
Tap it
You’ll see another bar it show cars, rain drop gift and expired gifts
Here you want to go tap gift
You’ll be able to see the contents of your backpack to send gifts from your backpack either to yourself or to another host
Go to the gift box on a stream tap it
You’ll see three tabs go over to the backpack tab
You’ll see the gifts
Remember that check-in rewards and other rewards in your backpack can expire so be sure to use them quickly.

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