Family & True Love Feature of UpLive

How to create a family on UpLive?

A family is kind of like a fan club on uplife if you want to create.

Go to your personal page
Tap my family
Tap create family
Pick a name for your family
Tap next

Your badge can be an abbreviated version of your family name or something fun and quirky you’ll be the chief so it’s your call.
Just keep in mind that the badge is going to be on your family members profiles.

There is also an option to say hello to prospective and current family members. You can change this later as well so don’t sweat it too much.

Tap next you can choose to accept applications for your family or allow anyone to join. it’s completely up to you if you don’t want to create a family.

Go back
Tap join family
This will show you the existing families on Uplife.

Some of the benefits of being a part of a family are an exclusive group chat a badge and missions.

How To Create True Love Group on UpLive?

A true love group is similar to a family but it focuses on interactions between hosts and their fans

Go on your personal page
Check true love group
If you’ve never joined a true love group or no one is in your true love group true love pages will be blank.
However, you can edit your notice.
This is similar to the family notice more like a status or a bio for your fan club.

To join a true love group go watch your favorite host.
You’ll notice in the upper left hand corner there’s a purple bar with a heart symbol in it by their name.
Tap that button that is the true love group menu, on this menu you’ll see fees for joining the true love group.

Being a part of a true love group means that you’ll get special identification a room notice when you enter someone’s stream and you’ll get to claim daily rewards like families you can also complete missions.
There’s also a group chat for other true love group members, there is also the menu where you can activate guardianship.
It also comes with a special notice, special gifts and other privileges.

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