Bigo Live Hosting - An Earning Opportunity

Here we explain about going live as an entrepreneur independent artist, entertainer or performer. It’s extremely important to diversify your platforms and have multiple streams of income, if you work in the 18+ platforms you should also be exploring mainstream options to further your reach as a brand.

If you use snapchat or instagram chances are you’ve already seen ads for this app with a little cartoon dinosaur on it, maybe you’ve been wondering what it’s about. well we explain bigo live is a social media live streaming app with over 100 million downloads worldwide and it’s ranked in the top 20 of all social media apps in the apple store.

If you’ve ever watched or gone live on facebook or instagram then you already have an idea of how these app works, Bigo Live is a live stream app, where you can broadcast yourself to anyone in the world and people can chat with you anywhere. You can also receive virtual gifts on the app that equal real-life currency the in-app currency is called beans and it functions pretty much the same way as tokens do on token websites. Each bean is worth a few cents and when added up all together you can make a pretty good amount of money.

So, what exactly do people do on Bigo Live the answer is anything you want. People live stream themselves singing dancing, djing, cooking, fitness, doing yoga or just hanging out and having a good chat with friends.

It’s really your own show and you can basically do whatever you want on stream as long as it’s within the bigo app rules.

How To Become An Official Live Host on Bigo Live

So, the next question on your mind is probably why should I care? why would I use bigo to go live if it’s similar to platforms i’m already on?
Well, the answer is you can actually earn a lot of money on Bigo Live just doing your regular day-to-day things on bigo Live it’s possible to become contracted to be an official host once you become an official host on bigo Live, you become eligible for a monthly salary in exchange for streaming a certain number of hours and receiving a certain number of gifts.

If you’d like to cash out your beans themselves you can do that too so there are actually multiple ways of earning revenue on Bigo Live. So, that’s what makes this platform different than some of the other platforms you may be working on, such as twitch where your only income comes from subscribers and donations or dating apps where basically your only income is coming from tips.

Bigo is one of the only live stream apps out there today that offers a base salary on top of your other earnings. On bigo you can earn a consistent monthly paycheck in addition to the tips that you get the base salary starts low but, it is possible to make a lot of money on bigo.

Bigo Hosts have been making over twelve hundred dollars a month. on bigo for over six months now

If you are dedicated and put in the time, you’ll get there the sky is really the limit with this app. There is huge earning potential.

So, what’s the next step well to do this you need to sign up through a registered agent of bigo Live. Our agents recruit official hosts for bigo live. They are able to sign hosts in the U.S, Canada, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa and UK regions.

If you need somebody outside of these regions you’ll have to email us. We will help to find the right agent for you. Fill out the application form if you’re really interested in doing.

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