Become Full-Time Streamer with Bigo Live and Start Earning.

Many people are seeking, how to make money on a side because we have vast experience of the social streaming world, so in this blog, we will explain how to make a full-time income on bigo Live.

it is possible there are many people probably millions of people making money on bigo live and other streaming apps full-time. The first thing with bigo Live you need to know is how they operate and how they go, a lot of people going live on bigo app don’t know how the values of the gifts and were don’t know how to start streaming.

If you want to stream on bigo app you need to know that the virtual gifts will turn into real cash and how you get the virtual gifts is followers people who view you. They send you these gifts and what you do is you let them pile up and then you can turn them into beans. When you transfer these gifts you will transfer them to beans, that’s what they call it why they call it beans I don’t know maybe to make it different from other apps.

Once you trade in your beans you would trade your beans into real cash. The current rate is 210 beans equals one dollar and it’s same across the world.

So you have your gifts you get your gifts by from the followers and people who watch you and you turn those gifts into beans those beans then you turn them into money, simple easy and the app pays you means bigo live does pay its streamers.

Now, this is where the problem comes in people do not know the correct rate of stream full time. They don’t know how to get followers that’s why we are going to tell you guys, how you need to stream regularly if you want to make money from bigo app?

You’re going to have to stream at least two or more hours a day now in Bigo live. Bigo is not a traditional job so you can make money with four or more hours and you have to do it regularly on a schedule. You can’t just do well I’m a stream once a week. That’s an inconsistency that’s not a schedule that’s just all over the place you need to have a strict schedule with yourself.

Is Live Streaming a Career Opportunity?

To get the full-time income of a bigo live streamer, you need to focus on viewers and not on gifts because if you start begging for gifts and asking for gifts you won’t get them. So focus on your viewers and their questions, what they’re interested in what they want to know from you that’s how you get gifts and streaming regularly.

Do something that makes you unique and different from everybody else that you can do live for example:
A lot of people like women do dancing & strip, so if you have a strip hole and you just dance on there okay you will make a full-time income on bigo live.

If you play video games if you do some kind of celebrity gossip that’s very popular, talking about world news also if you do comedy those are the most popular things on bigo app.

Doing something different unique and even if it’s not unique and different that you are on there doing it you know some people say well I’m not making any money how

While streaming on bigo live use good quality phone I cannot stress it enough how many times I go on bigo live and I see the camera quality sucks in a lot of people’s streams.

make sure you are posting your link every time you go live and also keep your link posting on your social media pages so people know that you are live on bigo app. Also make sure you have a schedule for supporting other broadcasters while you are on bigo live, it will also give you a following and more gift senders. Support other streamers and give them gifts that also will get you seen by other people to come to your live.

It’s not hard to make money streaming on bigo live, it’s easy as mentioned.

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