Bigo Official Host Salary Chart – How to Use the Bigo Official Host Help You Make Money

Bigo live Official Host Salary Chart - How to Use the Bigo Official Hosting to Make Money

Bigo live Official hosting earning is easy to use that will allow you to go live and engage with live audience. When you are done with your monthly target, it will send you money (monthly salary) in your application wallet and you can send the payment your bank. It is great because you can work on your own schedule, without having to wait for any approval or pressure.

While you can use the Bigo Live Application as Official Host help with things like pocket money & party expenses, you can also use it to help you find ways to make extra expenses. 

Bigo Official Host Salary Chart is attached below, you will first need to login and register yourself as official host. You will then need to go live and achieve your target set by bigo officials without breaking rules.

Your payment options will depend on whether you want to get paid by Bigo live or simply convert them into gifts and send to other broadcasters. If you would like to get paid by Bigo live, there is an option that allows you to do so. All you have to do is go to your profile, click on the menu on the right hand side, then click on wallet where you get option to convert rewards into diamonds or money. Under payment options, you will see options to pay Bigo through PayPal, payoneer, bank transfer or paytm.

The Bigo live Official Host Salary Chart will show you on what basis you will get paid every month.

The payment you receive depends on how much you have achieved on bigo from 1st to last date of a month. The higher the amount of gifts you have received, the bigger the payment. And it will be sent within a week. Because the amount of gifts you have received will affect the payment, you should go over the instructions carefully before you start your target.

Bigo live is an entertainment platform that lets people earn an extra income by participating in live streams. Live streams let people watch someone else’s videos as he or she answers questions. Once someone watches a video, they can chat with that person through comments and video calling and they can send you gifts in just one click.

If you want to help people who are watching Big live , you can make money doing so. However, Bigo live has no guarantee that you will make money, so only your target achievement will define your salary .

You will want to promote your your talent and social media, and use your Bigo live official ID to do so. You can use it as best platform for strategy to promote yourself and make yourself recognizable.

Bigo Live Hosts Salary & Income Chart

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  1. Hi there,
    Can I please have more information about becoming an official host.
    I habe been a viewer for a while now and would like to start hosting.
    All information eill be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you..

  2. I will be hosting my Bigo live ID You help me hosting my Bigo Live ID. If I am hosting then I have many other friends. If you are hosting Vigo ID then there are many more friends I will be hosting.

    Thank You So Much Please Help Me

  3. Was i suppose to sign a contract when i became a bigo host ? Because i went through some one on bigo who says he is a agency recruiter but i never sign a contract

  4. Hi I want to join Bigo family as an host. I want to teach Local and Provincial languages to my audiences. I’ll be very thankful to you for this joining.
    Bigo id:PameerTaabi

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