Addiction to Live Streaming Apps

Addiction of live streaming apps

Why People are getting addicted to Live Streaming Applications?

From chatting, dating, talent showcase to make money, Streaming applications are spreading all around the world.

Young boys and girls are spending alot of time on broadcasting applications and paying a high amount to chat and become famous through on these platforms. Girls are learning streaming tip to gain maximum virtual gifts from the viewers.

Live streaming applications has covered huge audience and users are increasing rapidly across world. Most of the applications are originally from China. Its very easy to make thousands of dollars in a week for top streamers. Thats could be one reason to drive people on broadcasting applications.

You must be thinking, why people would spend money on virtual gifts?

One of a user said, I have spend $5000 on a female streamer as, whenever used to send her gifts she get excited and feel valued that someone is there to support her and in return she make him feel special out of hundreds of real time viewers.

Some of the top influencers on these applications are not teenagers, they come from different backgrounds.

A company manager said, he started as a time pass and used to visit on different streamings whenever he get bore also he was sending some small amount gifts. His favorite host was a young lady, she was a dancer and looks so beautiful. When he started spending more time on her broad she started noticing him and make him feel special every time he used to visit her broadcast at the meantime by sending gifts his own profile rating was increasing.

and sometimes he was under pressure of audience and reputation therefore he has to send her gifts for being her biggest supporter.

Some broadcasters have a group of people who send them gifts to show off other man’s watching her broad as she appreciate and flirt with her known senders other viewers get motivated to send higher amount of gifts. These type of competitions are very common in between mens on these applications. Sometime, female hosts also provide number and date to the senders.

A female Streamer said one of her biggest sender used to text her in private for doing a strip and providing adult services to him for cash.

Many streamers who are earning gifts on their talent base are very clear with their goal. They just need appreciation for their talent and earning money by doing the same.

Every user may have different intention & expectations with streaming applications, but they already know they have to spend some money on gifts to become recognizable.

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