About Bigo Live Stream App & Reviews

About Bigo Live Stream App & Reviews

What is Bigo Live Tv?

Bigo Live is a mobile application which supports both android and IOS phones; It is a live streaming platform where users can go live (like – Instagram & Facebook) any user can watch their live stream also allow them to interact with a live audience. It is a free application to download and available on all application stores, but there are some charges to purchase coins which are known as beans ( a virtual bigo currency ). This platform is addictive, and broadcasters can create a big fan base through this.

Uses of Bigo Live tv?

People use bigo app for different purposes, such as:-

  1. Vloggers are there to share their lifestyle, traveling, fitness & experiences. They are allowed to upload short videos and pictures also on the platform, and it is straightforward to gain views on bigo live tv app.
  2. Gamers also use it to stream their gameplay. 1000s of players are already on this platform across the world. Bigo has its own set of games that can be streamed on the platform.
  3. Talent showcase is also grabbed by a massive number of users as bigo app arrange regular competitions between talent categories and reward them for getting the best support from the live audience. Singers, dancers, mimicry artists, actors, comedians, cooking, yoga and many other talented people believe that bigo live tv app helped them to push their careers.

As per bigo app community, this live streaming application is to share live moments with the live audience. Meanwhile, you can find, interact and make new connections and friends across the globe. It allows talented people to reflect on their entertainment side to engage more and more people.

If we look from users’ perspectives, people on bigo live app have the intention to become famous, show their lifestyle to gain attention, increase their fan base, receiving as many gifts as possible through good or bad techniques & wish to make money by doing nothing.

Should yoU join Bigo Live?

  • Do you any talent to showcase?
  • Can you sing/dance/mimic/standup?
  • Can you give at least 2 hours in a day to bigo live tv?
  • Is your talent enough to entertain a live audience?
  • Are you ready to read bad comments about yourself and your ability?

If YES, then bigo live tv app is for you.

Don’t worry if your answer is no. You can still use this platform as an audience. Yes, you might have seen some girls doing lip-sync on music, seductive activities or flirting and even earning good amount from bigo app. Now think, a person who is trying to impress the opposite gender whole day to make money what will they do in future many corporate girls said these apps are just a waste of time and career.
If you want to use bigo live stream app for entertainment purposes, then here are some great options to engage people and find new friends with bigo app.

  • Watch the live stream of your interest.
    There are thousands of people entertaining people who live at a time choose the best you like to follow them, start with commenting to interact.
  • Video chat
    you can do video chat with live broadcasters. The only broadcaster can choose whom they want to connect on call.
    If you want to video call a with all your friends, then bigo live stream allows you to do video chat with nine people at a time. This would be a great place to chit chat with your friends.
  • Competitions
    Pk is a type of game where two broadcasters fight to gain more gifts within a time limit. And the winner can punish losers.
    If you are getting bored, then you can do a match with random people and enjoy PK with them
Why do people use bigo live app
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Is Bigo Live good to use? Honest Reviews

This application is strictly not recommended to below 16 children, not only bigo live but any other available live streaming platform is not advisable to underage kids. Even bigo live stream doesn’t allow below 18 users to become an official host on their platform; it may affect their studies and other behavior. As a user of bigo live app, I have noticed that people get so addicted to living streaming platforms that they are sitting in front of their mobile cams day-night in the urge of receiving gifts and making a higher reputation among online app community.

To download and use this platform there is no restriction it is almost free, users have to create their profiles where they need to fill up their details which are visible to all and any nearby user can search your check out details. People on the app may follow users in the local area or streets as it is not hard to search for an online person by using a location filter.
Kids may get attracted to broadcaster’s live style, looks, money, flirt or anything. Many bigo stars have their communities & group who often do parties and night stays. It is not advisable for kids to make such connections as they may influence by an unknown person, and there are chances to get into drinks, smoke & drugs.

Users on bigo live stream app have restrictions on writing and video content. Still, it is allowed to make seductive broads (Bed streaming), Dirty talks, abusive language & bad comments that may negatively affect children.

Everything has a positive and negative side.
On the other hand, Bigo live is one of the most significant platforms for live streaming in the world and helped many people to earn the right amount and become famous across their niche. Talent gamers, artists, dancers, singers, vloggers, traveler, comedians, mimicry artists & tutors have gained followers on their social media accounts and now became influencers. Many people are searching for talent on bigo live applications and ready to provide an open opportunity.

Earning a handsome amount by sitting at home is never a bad idea, if you are talented enough to entertain the live audience, then bigo live tv is one of the best platforms for you to grow really fast and start immediate earnings. There is no limit to how much one can earn from bigo live app. the more followers and connections you gain the more money you will be able to make.

I like bigo live tv and recommend it to 18+ audience. If you are trying Instagram, Facebook or youtube to gain followers by showing your talent and your all efforts are going in vain then you should give a try to Bigo Live, it will help you a lot in making your career on a way to become influencer or celebrity.

Honest reviews on bigo live application

Why People Become Addicted to Bigo Live Streaming?

The primary goal of broadcasters on the platform is to gain followers and drive them to follow their other social media platforms, at the same time bigo live stream app allow them to earn money by live streaming. As bigo live tv is continually looking for official hosts who can receive paid gifts from other users, where almost 30% profit from donations is shared with the official broadcasters by bigo live stream app.

People also use it to find new friends and partners as it can search and connect with nearby users. Unlike other dating apps, it doesn’t have to swipe feature, but you can visit one person’s life and have a chance to impress them with your words. If broadcaster finds any connection, they can take you up on video calls, which makes this app efficient to make new friends.

Some people maintain their high status on bigo live stream application by making a consistent transaction of gifts. They may be senders or receivers but on bigo app, if you have a high-level ID means they are already famous among bigo live community, people are respecting them on their profile visit, they get unique badges on their profiles which makes them feel special, but this virtual satisfaction takes a big investment to cop-up on top always.

Basically, users make the transaction to purchase beans or diamonds from bigo live tv stores, and ultimately they buy virtual gifts to send their favorite broadcasters. Bigo has different types of awards such as rose, kiss, bike, car, boat, etc. and they may cost between $0.20 to $300.

Gift receivers have monthly targets of gifts set by bigo once they achieve their objectives bigo credit some amount in their bigo live account and they are allowed to cash-out all received awards and salary through bank transfer.

It is just like any other social media platform, users can go live or watch other’s live streaming, able to send or receive messages from connections, allowed to comment and like on users videos & Broadcast and users can share content from bigo live app to their other social media accounts.

This is a real entertainment app where people can’t fake themselves even if they do, and it would not go for a longer time. The entire content is new and unique. We can’t put this application in one category content as a variety of talented people are showing their talent but yeah some as all other social media channels some people displaying violent and sexual content too.
Initially, it started for gamers only, but as more audiences jumped on a platform, they created a zone for artist performances too. 90% of bigo live users are youngsters who dream of becoming famous and gaining popularity on the internet. As people are becoming a star through youtube and Instagram, youngsters have the same expectations with bigo live app.

All trending broadcasts on platforms are done by beautiful girls who seem to be in their 20’s. If you want to understand bigo environment, you should download this application or search on youtube for its bigo videos. You will get a more precise idea of bigo live tv’s dark & brighter side.

In the end, you need to be very careful and aware of the content you share online with the audience or application, check out use as a user first and understand whether you can handle the problems and abusive language for money and fun.

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