Best 5 Applications to Boost Your Instagram Posts & Stories.

5 apps that will maximize the efficiency the creativity and the organization of our Instagram page. These apps we use pretty much daily and they really help us out get everything together on Instagram, that you guys are seeking every single day.


The first app is probably the most important and that is Lightroom this is the app that we use to edit our photos. desktop software is also available to edit your photos. The app allows to edit even when we’re on the go and you don’t have access to a laptop.

With one click we can bang on our photo and instantly, you can see really amazing results. There’s a lot of things that you can adjust here in this app and it’s just a really great app to use definitely get that one if you’re wanting to improve your creativity on Instagram.


The next we introduce to you is called Snapseed, app is free to download and use. You’ve got two tools in that you would have to pay about $2-$9 / months to use. Snapseed is completely for free, you don’t have to pay for it at all. It has several tools.

Snapseed and Lightroom are the main apps that we use for photo editing and they’re both really good.


The third Instagram app we want to introduce you is called unum and it’s a post planner pretty much you can put your photos in there to plan their hats and to see how your feed will look like with the photos you choose. this app is connected to our Instagram preset account so, if you want no one spoiler next photos on our main account. the main things you can do is first of all you can put all your edited photos in there to plan, then you can move them around to see how it looks like if you change it up and you can always start click into the photo and write a caption. So, if you have good thoughts right now about the photo you want to post tonight, don’t forget about it just write it into that photo I can thing and then you’re happy and ready to post whenever you want.

When To Post

Big questions is how do we know when to post and this can be quite difficult to know. Especially when your followers are from all over the world. It’s very hard to know when exactly to post so, what we use is an app called When To Post. This shows us by logging in all you do is you log in with your Instagram account and when to post will read analytics from your Instagram and I’ll show you when your followers are most engage. When most of them online and it will tell you when you need to post we’ve been using this up now for a couple of months and it’s it’s really helping it’s really good as we already learned through the business analytics.


At number 5 today is an app called in shot this is an all-in-one video editor. What you can do in this app, which is really cool is you can change the canvas size, so you can adjust it from Instagram post size, YouTube size, to story size. for our stories this. You can also add music to the back of your videos from iTunes or from featured music that’s in this app and the other thing that you can do is also you can trim the videos really quickly. Add videos on top of each other as well put them together so that they go seamlessly in your Instagram story.

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