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Bigo host point is to prepare the upcoming star by a-lot of mediums to enhance the media trend and culture. A large portion of streamers come from small to middle-class towns, and their income is a lot higher than any standard 9-5 employment offered in these urban communities.

bigo Host is No.1 Reliable company for Providing Hosting on Live Streaming Applications

Globally millions of small town to high-class young people extraordinarily from India, UK, Canada, Malysia, Singapore, Chine, Philippines and USA and basically youngsters between 18-40 are pursuing Live-streaming application with expectations of becoming an upcoming star and earning extra salary.

Bigo Host has a pool of 2500+ broadcasters globally. A majority of hosts are young ladies who move, sing, strip, lipsync or flirt to engage a crowd of a huge number of live audience.

It conveys this admonition: “Foulness, nudity, profane introduction or any abusive stuff isn’t permitted and will be prohibited. Live Broadcasts are checked 24 hours by moderators.”

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BIGO host needs the receptive and open-minded for video chat who need to demonstrate their talent to the world and furthermore need to get renowned alongside gaining cash from $100 to $3000 every month

If your talent is still underground and you are searching for the correct stage to exhibit your creativity then Bigo host can help to get all of you. Get FAMOUS, Get FANS, Get MONEY, Entertain the world with your singing, moving, stand-up or anything

Normally streamer can get $300 monthly salary. Also, they do average 2 hours streaming in a day. Income is based on gifts receive by a broadcaster, that if you got more gifts and have more fans, you can make more.

Live Streaming Applications has more than 100 million enlisted users in across globe, The more individuals you follow, the same you get in return, who send gifts to you of different values and types, like an image of a vehicle which can be covert for cash. bigo host target user from age of 20-something, college students, who sing, stream computer game and chatter about everyday stuff.


Bigo Live host is as of now recruiting youthful good looking females to become official host for the post of video streaming host. You can work for full-time or part time both, Bigo welcome expert and beginners to start hosting.

Work from home/remotely with a fixed calendar of 60 hrs for each month.

Be relied upon to present crowd to appreciate and pull in potential new crowd.

Host Requirement:
1. 18yr plus good looking females.
2. Presentable, talented or creative
3. Command in English / Hindi and any provincial language
4. Having Android cell phone or iPhone and ought to have good web asses.

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